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Leave only footsteps behind


The purpose of life , after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost,  to reach out eagerly and without fear for a newer and richer experience.

- Eleanor Roosevelt

Our Team

About Us

We are capable of making our dreams come true.

The vision of owning my own business started as a vision as a lay on a paddle board in savasana during my SUP Yoga Teacher Training.  My vision took me back to the oceans of Hawaii, teaching SUP Yoga.  I thought to myself, am I supposed to open a retreat house in Hawaii? How?  The instructor then asked us to create a declaration statement to help guide as get to our vision. My declaration was...

I am capable of making my dreams come true!

Today, Shaka Power Yoga is now home for a beautiful community filled with so much Aloha. 

Our alohADVENTURES are a way for us to make the vision come even more alive in every place that we visit.

You don't have to just dream about visiting amazing places, we can come along with us.

- Jenny, Founder and Operator

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As a wife and working mom, the retreat gave me a much needed time out.  Time to restore, reconnect and recharge.  This retreat brought me back in alignment with my true self, both physically and mentally, and built friendships & memories to last a lifetime.

- Sacha


Hawaii was a wonderful experience with yoga, meditation on sunrise, and amazing delicious food.  Hiking adventures with enthusiasm. Im grateful exploring a whole new part of the world and getting close to amazing yogis to share memories with.

- Claudia


On International Women's Day, six women traveled to the North Shore of Hawaii for 5 days of yoga, meditation, hiking, horseback riding, and swimming.The retreat was amazing and empowering.  These women left bonded as Ohana - stronger, happier and filled with the aloha spirit.

- Susan


It was a magical experience for me! Yoga under Hawaiian sky, powerful ocean, adventures on the mountains, delicious food, mindful practice in one of the most beautiful places on the planet and of course amazing company.

- Alona

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