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Lisbeth Taylor


Training/certifications: I am a certified tier 2, 750hr Baptiste Educator. 500RYT and Baptiste Yoga FIT To Lead graduate. I have trained in trauma informed yoga, kids yoga, and I’m an instructor in the Baptiste Unstoppable for Youth program. I have taught in Dubai, Lebanon, London, and now here in the great state of Texas! 


How long have you been practicing yoga: 

4 1/2 years! It’s a funny story because I always thought I didn’t like yoga. Then I took my friend’s class in Spain. Which was ALL in Spanish. I don’t even speak Spanish but I was hooked. 😂


Describe your teaching style: My teaching style is based firmly in Baptiste yoga with Physical asana as an access to power, vitality, and freedom. The great thing about my class is that it’s accessible for ANYONE! My style is to make sure everyone in my class has access to these 3 things no matter their experience or abilities. And we have a lot of fun doing it. I teach from a place of having a loving and empowering conversation with you and your body ❤️


What's your favorite thing about teaching Yoga? My favorite thing about teaching yoga is being able to serve others so they can then serve others. It’s a ripple effect. If I can serve by providing you empowerment, healing and space for yourself in class then you have more capacity to serve your family, workplace, and community fully.  


Tell us about your Ohana (Family) - My family laughs A LOT! We are usually spread all over the world because I grew up as an expat kid in Asia, but currently my brother and sister are in Texas like me while my parents are in Hong Kong. I’m actually writing this from China while we all gather here for the holidays. I’m the oldest kid but I’m pretty sure they are all more mature than me 😂. And my 92 year old grandma out in California beats us all in Cards Against Humanity.  My family knows perfectly how to end any argument in laughter, tells really really bad jokes, knows the most random movie trivia, and no matter how far apart we are in distance we are really close in heart. 

Favorite place you've traveled to:

My favorite travel destination is South Africa. I’ve been many times and I can’t get enough. It has everything... the beach, wine country, hiking, wine, safaris, penguins, wine, sharks! (Yes I’ve been diving with great whites!) It’s seriously my favorite spot in the world. I’ll have a house there one day. 


What's your favorite nature spot:

My favorite nature spot is anywhere i can paddleboard. Preferably a beach but I’ll take any body of water. There is something so healing about being on the water. I crave it. 

Interests outside yoga:

When I’m not doing yoga i’m working on my companies, hanging with friends drinking anything made from grapes 🍷(usually with bubbles 🥂), listening to crime podcasts, watching dateline, collecting hilarious first date stories, traveling to new countries, and/or probably doing puzzles. 😂 Did I mention bubbles🥂? 


How do you define living life to the fullest everyday?

Living my life to the fullest each day means pouring from a full cup. Optimizing my own productivity by living full out, making shit happen, and still taking care of myself so that I am fueled by my life and not depleted by it. 

Your favorite quote / bible verse:

Favorite quote: “Hinkel’s can do anything!” My dad has been telling me this since I was a little girl and not a day goes by that i don’t think about it. Also “the early bird catches the worm” but in full disclosure I’m saying that because I’m teaching at 5:45am Mondays.😉 you should come and we’ll catch worms 🐛 together! ☀️ wait, that sounds weird 🤔. Just come... it will be fun. 

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