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Aloha, May

2020 – The Year of Reset

We have now completed and experienced the first 4 months of this year in all different ways of newness. We have navigated and pivoted our lives to adapt to our new schedules as we work from our homes, transitioned to digital for our interaction and the way we conduct business, and balanced novelty (the extra glass of wine and chocolate perhaps, combined with Netflix binge watching) and movement (trying different workouts, extra time outdoors, and for us ALL the Yoga) as we adapted into this new way of being.

Pushing fear of uncertainty aside – April has been so beautiful for the Shaka Power Yoga Community. We are so grateful for the ability to continue to serve our Ohana in these trying times. We have received numerous heart felt messages from our Yogis on how they have enjoyed the platforms we have so that they can continue to practice at home.

- We have enjoyed creating videos for our On-Demand platform and have enjoyed leading Yoga through our Zoom Live Stream format.

- Our FB Group has been such a delight to go to. From sharing pictures of our pets, wedding pictures, sibling pictures, favorite drinks, sunrises and sunsets – this outlet has been an amazing space for us to stay connected.

- The morning meditation led by our teachers have been a great way to kick start our day. Shout out to Alyona, Lea, Lisbeth and Jackie for volunteering their time to lead this for us.

- Our SPY Teachers have enjoyed our regular Virtual Happy Hour dates to continue to connect and brain storm on how we can continue to serve our community.

- We were able to celebrate Earth Day and opened up our virtual studio to the world! We had participants from other states and even in Asia.

As we now enter May, we are excited to announce that we are embracing uncertainty to the fullest. We have a full schedule for our members and the community. Make sure to check your email for details.

We can’t stop – We won’t stop.

We might not be able to access our 4 walls for now but Shaka Power Yoga exists with the Aloha that resides in our hearts. Our mission is to build a community filled with Aloha through the practice of Yoga.

We are Shaka Power Yoga.

Aloha and Namaste,


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