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It's Called a Practice for a Reason by Beth-Ann Belthoff

Yoga is a practice. Just like playing a musical instrument or a sport, it requires regular practice to get better. I practice yoga with Jenny Normand and all of the amazing teachers at Shaka Power Yoga. When I’m at yoga, I give my best, finding that sometimes I’ll succeed – perhaps doing wheel pose – and sometimes I won’t, and that’s okay!

To me, yoga practice mirrors life, where showing up on my mat is like the start of a new day. Regular practice helps me to better manage the stresses of life. Even though I’m reminded to check my to-do list at the door, it’s sometimes easier said than done. Learning to set aside those things I find troubling, and focus on my breath and my movement – even for just an hour – has such beneficial effects on mind, body, and spirit. It is through practice that we get better, stronger, more balanced. Perfection may never come, and that’s okay, because it’s all about the journey to get there.

The incredible Yogi Guides at Shaka Power Yoga emphasize that each time we show up on the mat, we should appreciate what our individual bodies grant access to that day. They encourage us to come back again – to continue practicing – never really perfecting. We are journeying together to be the best we can be in the moment.

The ripple effect of practicing extends well past the boundaries of the yoga studio. I find myself using breathing techniques to get through difficult situations, like getting blood drawn, to think clearly and maintain a sense of calm.

I am grateful to be part of the Shaka Power Yoga Ohana for their uplifting energy and support, especially over the past 19 months. I cherish my time on the mat in this community of positive-minded individuals, knowing I am supported as I continue my yoga practice and life journey. If you are seeking a greater sense of well-being, more resilience or balance in your life, you can find it here – it just takes a little practice. See you on the mat.

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